Think about life in a iiiiiiiiiiiinew way—


What is this?

Shiro is a playground for reflection and vulnerability; a web of simple illustrations that will trigger a nerve in the complex network that is your mind.

Think about life in a new way: contemplate your relationships, reflect on a moment lost to your memory and recognize a bias you face every day. Listen to your inner voice and discover thoughts and emotions that are present within you but rarely expressed. Connect with those who experience life in the way you do, and don’t.

This is a space where you will discover things that you have been unconscious of, helping you live life with a vision wider than yesterday.


What does Shiro mean?

Shiro   noun


: The web-like structure in fungi that functions as a nutritional hub


Roots travel deep and wide into the soil, absorbing nutrients and connecting with neighboring plants. There exists a symbiosis, mycorrhiza, between root networks and fungi, that allow both life forms to flourish. Like mycorrhizae, Shiro encourages you to develop your own root network, digging deep in reflection, and branching wide in vulnerability. By doing this, we want to help you unravel these intricate webs of knowledge and insight hiding beneath the surface.


How is the web structured?

Each visualisation belongs to heart, mind, and soul.


Who did this?

We are a group of 20-something-year-olds who, just like you, are trying to figure out this crazy journey that is life. These illustrations are products of our own perspectives and experiences. We want to share the lessons and insights that we’ve gained with the hope that they will inspire you to think about life in a new way.

Pia Bocanegra The Boss
Victor Odouard Miscellaneous Maestro
Varun Parkash Poetic Licensee
Jialin Ke Savage Savant
Mia DiMaio Creative Contessa
Shane Yun Graph Giraffe
Zoya Mohsin Doodle Duchess
Danny Yang Node Ninja
Jamal Hashim Markup Mufasa